In response to the clear market need for a simpler, faster, and accurate pathogen (bacteria) testing system, RapidBio Systems, Inc.™ is developing a revolutionary and innovative rapid pathogen detection system.

Prototype testing device

The RapidBio Systems prototype testing device.

The handheld system is easy to use and field deployable — offering high sensitivity (down to 10 cfu/ml) and specificity due to the utilization of highly specific antibodies.

This patent-pending system will allow growers, processors, distributors, and end-users to obtain results faster than the current technology, thereby improving overall food safety and moving product faster through the food distribution system. The net of all this is significant system cost savings, better process control, and a safer food supply.

Slide cartridge

Sample testing slide cartridge.

The RapidBio Systems™ product can be used in concert with PCR testing systems when a confirmation test is required by requisite quality systems. The system is based upon the work stemming from Professor Jeong-Yeol Yoon’s laboratory at the University of Arizona. RapidBio Systems™ has complete freedom to operate through a technology license agreement in place with the University of Arizona.




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