The RapidBio Systems pathogen detection system is handheld and requires no advanced technical training to operate, making it usable anywhere and anytime you need a fast pathogen test result.
While the system’s accuracy matches that of traditional laboratory tests, it is recommended that traditional confirmatory testing be performed whenever a positive result is encountered and where significant quantities of product are involved. This will provide a record for evidentiary purposes that a pathogen was present.
The RapidBio Systems pathogen detection system utilizes a unique method of integrating six different technologies for rapidly detecting the reaction of a pathogen-specific (bacterial organism) antibody with the pathogen.
The handheld device has a LCD screen that displays the test results. Depending on the customer need, the screen can show the result as either a positive or negative (+/-); i.e., “go, no go” or numerically in concentration of colony forming units (CFUs) per volume (milliliters) or weight (grams).
The technology consists of two components: the reader device and the test cartridge. The reader device’s firmware is upgradeable via online downloads. The cartridges have a onetime use and as improvements are made, they will be reflected in new product.
Each pathogen type is detected through its own unique test cartridge. Testing for different pathogens simply requires the use of the appropriate cartridge.
The system can be operated anywhere other portable electronic devices can be used.
There is very little technical training required. Simply follow the steps in the instruction manual to obtain results.
Additional materials are included in the test kit such as pipettes used to introduce the liquid sample into the test cartridge. If a solid test sample (leafy vegetable, seed, or meat sample) needs to be liquefied/blended before being introduced into the test cartridge, RBS will also sell a handheld sample processor.


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