Desert Tech Investors, LLC licensed the rapid pathogen detection intellectual property from the University of Arizona and established an organization to commercialize the technology. RapidBio Systems, Inc.™ is a 100% owned subsidiary of Desert Tech Investors, LLC with the sole purpose of operating the business.

A Global Mission and Vision

The mission of RapidBio Systems is to enhance and enable our customers’ needs to improve food quality and decrease the time for pathogen testing to ensure a safer food supply for the world. The long-term vision of RapidBio Systems is to become a rapidly growing global pathogen-detection provider driven to improve the safety of the world’s food supply.

Capital-Efficient and Revenue-Driven

The business model of RapidBio Systems is based on being highly capital-efficient and revenue-driven in execution. The primary focus is on product development, sales, marketing and distribution of unique solution-oriented, food safety testing products. A key tenet of the capital-efficient model is to outsource manufacturing and packaging to business partners who are world-class in these areas. The sales model is direct selling and use of select distribution in the US and mainly selected distribution outside the US.

Exit Strategy

There are several different exit strategies considered to ensure a significant financial or liquidity event to our shareholders. The most likely scenario is an acquisition by one of the significant strategic competitors in this space. With a straightforward developmental path coupled with a benchtop-proven prototype and a focus on a capital efficient operating business model, this technology commercialization effort will be accomplished with a relatively low amount of investment dollars (~$10M) and a high ($250M) exit value based on Year 5 revenues.



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