Jerry SonenblickJerry Sonenblick is professionally trained as a lawyer, graduated from the University of Arizona with a JD degree, and practiced for over twenty years. He rose to become Chairman of the Public Relations Committee for the State Bar and served as Narrator for a weekly television program with lawyers as guests, who would provide answers to legal questions that were called-in. Multitalented and multi-career oriented with a particular eye for new startup formations, Jerry went on to form Empire West Companies, which grew substantially during his tenure. When he had sold out his interest in 1985, they had developed over 15,000 apartments in seven states, together with hotels, office buildings, custom homes, and restaurants. Jerry formed a profit sharing arrangement with the University of Arizona and launched Desert Tech Investors, LLC, to pursue new technologies developed at the University; Desert Tech Investors, LLC is the parent company of RapidBio Systems, lnc..

In addition to these activities, Jerry organized the Desert Angels, and served as its President for four years. It has become one of the largest angel investor groups in the country. Jerry was one of the founders and served for many years as President of ValEquity, a private investment club. He also co-founder and was an original Board member of Cyracom, owner of a patented, unique dual-receiver telephone system that provides immediate translation service, with current revenues exceeding $70,000,000 and growing in excess of 15% per year. Jerry has raised over $100,000,000 for various real estate ventures. Not one to have idle time on his hands, Jerry has written two books, one was a non-fiction, and the other recently published was fiction, entitled Disbarment. Currently he is writing a third new novel, Knife Wounds Run Deep.